Endorsements & Testimonials

 Here's what people are saying: 


“My experience has been great! I have a lot of respect for the Auction, and the staff and volunteers who run it. I’ve purchased and sold many vehicles through the Saratoga Motorcar Auction and it’s always well organized, and well handled; from the stage management to the closing of sales.”

- Bob "Wheels" Hohenforst, Auction Consignor & Bidder since 2017


 "A premier car event put together very well by the Saratoga Automobile Museum and it's right here in our neck of the woods!”

- Jon De Jesus, Auction Consignor & Bidder since 2017


"A great destination auction in a beautiful and histroic State Park." 

- Bill Rothermel, Author, Concours Master of Ceremonies & Judge 


 "Saratoga Motorcar Auction is incredible! Come and bid on your dream car - I did last year and bought my dream car - so can you!"

- Dennis Bigansky, Auction Bidder since 2017


"This is the auction to watch! Incredible venue to enjoy the best of Upstate New York in the Fall." 

- Gary Brown, Auction Consignor & Bidder since 2017






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